>Serving the People as a JP

Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth Re signing documentation as a JP

In her capacity as a Justice of the Peace, Elizabeth Re is often called upon to sign legal documents, as was the case recently when she was out shopping and received a phone call asking if she could urgently sign some application forms.
Chris, an immigrant to Australia, approached Elizabeth to witness his Australian Citizenship application.

Chris is hoping to become an Australian Citizen on Australia Day, 2011.

Elizabeth dutifully checked his paperwork and signed his photos and application forms on the spot.

Elizabeth Re & Chris

Elizabeth Re signing application for Australian Citizenship

To her credit, Elizabeth takes her role as a Justice of the Peace very seriously and sees that it is a valuable community service that she is providing.  Her reward is the joy of helping people.  Elizabeth is always willing to help community groups and local citizens fill out forms and help sporting clubs complete funding applications.