In the 2023 City of Stirling elections for mayor vote for proven strong decisive female leadership in local government

Women Achievement Involvement Leadership Volunteer Elizabeth Re for Mayor

Elizabth Re and Kath Mazzella at Princesses, Petticoats & Pearls Event

Elizabeth Re Guest Speaker and Kath Mazzella OAM Exhibitor at Petticoats & Pearls in the Swan Valley intergenerational women’s event hosted by Women Can International Inc in celebration of International Women’s Day

Elizabeth Re civic and professional women’s involvement, achievement leadership volunteering in Western Australia

Elizabeth Re Cr: B.Sc. Grad. Dip. Ed: FEHAA  MAICD

Australian Ambassador for Women in Local Government

Board Member Claremont Women’s Football Club

Past Board member Australian Women’s Sport and Recreational Association

Past President Australian Local Government Women’s Association – Western Australian

Executive committee member – National Council of Women, Western Australia and advisor committee member National Council of Women Australia

President of Football Hall of Fame, Western Australia

Fellow of Environmental Health Association of Australia

Women leadership activities / associations / organisations

Elizabeth was a dedicated public servant with strong community advocate. She has been committed to implementing strategies to engage, assist and raise the health and educational status of women in the Australian community and workplace.

Elizabeth has been on many committees to highlight workplace issues associated with harassment and bullying. Elizabeth has provided assistance and been proactive in bringing about change in cultures and procedures. She has also co-founded associations and community centres for the education and advancement of women

Elizabeth has spoken at many international, Australian and Western Australian forums and conferences on many related topics such as how the roles of women have changed over her thirty years of experience

  • In 2023, as President of the Football Hall of Fame WA, established the first soccer / football museum in Australia.
  • In 2023, Elizabeth spoke at the Environmental Health Association Western Australia state conference on recycling shoes.
  • In 2022, Elizabeth was awarded Life Member of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, Western Australia branch.
  • In 2022 Elizabeth was asked to speak at the National Environmental Health Australia Conference on the Triumphs and Tribulations of Women in the Environmental Health profession yesterday and today
  • In 2022 Elizabeth was elected as one of the WA representatives to the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, which she has been on at different times in the past
  • In 2021 Elizabeth was again elected as Chairperson of the Stirling Local Emergency Management committee and is still the first female elected to that position, which she has held for many years, and she still holds that position today
  • In 2020 Elizabeth was elected as the First Woman President of the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia and still holds that position today
  • In 2019 Elizabeth was again elected on to the executive committee of the National Council of Women Western Australia and still holds that position today
  • In 2019 Elizabeth was a founding member and sponsor of the first West Coast Eagles Women’s AFL Football team
  • In 2018 Elizabeth was a founding board member of United Nations WA (now All Nations WA) an organization established to ensure the culture and heritage of the different multicultural organizations in WA would not be lost for future generations
  • In 2017 Elizabeth was elected on to the Development Assessment Panel, WA State Government Planning regulatory panel and still holds that position today
  • In 2016 Elizabeth was awarded the title of Fellow of Environmental Health Association Australia, WA branch for her years of service for promoting women in the workplace and the profession and her dedication to public health issues.
  • In 2016 Elizabeth was asked to join the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia board and was the only woman on the board at that time to promote and preserve the history of the game of football in Western Australia and recognize the role women have played
  • In 2016 Elizabeth was a founding member of the first Fremantle Dockers Women’s AFL Football team
  • In 2014, Elizabeth was elected to the Claremont Women’s Football Club board and facilitated the anniversary of women’s football in WA and is still on the board today • In 2014 Elizabeth was elected to the National Council Women Australia, as an advisor committee member and is currently on the board
  • In 2014 Elizabeth was elected to the board of the Royal Society of Western Australia, whose role is to encourage and promote science within Western Australia
  • In 2013 Elizabeth was elected as the Vice President of the Australian Local Government Womens Association – Western Australian branch
  • In 2012 Elizabeth was elected as the President of the Australian Local Government Womens Association – Western Australian branch
  • In 2012 Elizabeth was the project manager for the announced inspection of Boronia Pre Release Centre for women in Western Australia
  • In 2011 Elizabeth was the keynote speaker at the National Indigenous Domestic Violence conference in Queensland
  • In 2011 Elizabeth was asked to go on to the inaugural board for the establishment of the Churchlands Independent Primary School
  • In 2010 Elizabeth was one of twelve women chosen in Australia to be portrayed in the “Women in Politics “book in recognition of services to local Government
  • In 2009, Elizabeth was honoured to be chosen to be one of 21 persons selected from 564 Council across Australia to be Australian Ambassadors for Women in Local Government to raise the profile of women in the workplace
  • In 2009 Elizabeth completed her accreditation as a Justice of the Peace
  • In 2009 Elizabeth was a nominee for the Western Australian division of the Telstra Business Women of the Year Award
  • In 2008 Elizabeth volunteered to assist in the World Homeless Games in Melbourne where people came from over 64 countries to raise self-esteem and get people off the street through sport (74 % success rate)
  • In 2007 Elizabeth wrote reports and strategies to improve the health and education standards of women, men and youth in custody in Western Australia
  • In 2007 Elizabeth was the lead investigating officer in the Cryptosporidium disease outbreak in Western Australia and wrote the new Notification Disease Pathway for the Health Department to reduce the risk of the spread of the disease
  • In 2007 Elizabeth was the inaugural chairmen of ‘Skating on Thin Ice’, a committee set up to educate the youth of the dangers of the use of the drug ICE (WA is the highest user of ICE per capita than any other state in Australia )
  • In 2007 Elizabeth started the community group called the Innaloo Community Group to give the community a voice and address the health concerns with regard to the redevelopment of the Stirling City Centre which includes the old landfill site, a stream, a train station etc
  • In 2007 Elizabeth was awarded the Stirling Youth Appreciation Certificate for her assistance to youth in the community
  • In 2006, Elizabeth was presented with the Gold Award by the Western Australian Police Department for her services to Neighborhood Watch in the community
  • In 2006, Elizabeth managed and organized the “One-stop shop” forum for the Equal Opportunity Commission to raise awareness of services available to the disabled
  • In 2006, Elizabeth was part of the team to roll out the Equal Opportunity Commission ‘play by the rules’ anti-bullying campaign
  • In 2005 Elizabeth was elected onto the executive committee of the National Council of Women Western Australian branch
  • In 2005, Elizabeth was instrumental as part of the WA Health Department OSH committee to organized the first major OSH audited of the Health Department and wrote strategies such as all senior officers undertake an OSH course and provided OSH training and first aid training to be available  for the majority of the 36,000 employees, to change the culture and reduce stress levels
  • In 2005, Elizabeth was elected with 72 % of the primary vote onto the City of Stirling Council and was the seventh female elected in 138 years. Stirling is the largest council in WA with  ~ 220, 000 residents and one of the largest in Australia and has an operating budget of ~$250 million
  • In 2005 Elizabeth was an Australian of the Year nominee
  • In 2005 Elizabeth was presented with the Department of Health – Employee Appreciation Certificate for her volunteering work with employees
  • In 2004 Elizabeth was a Western Australian Citizen of the Year nominee
  • In 2004 Elizabeth was elected onto the RAC ( Royal Automobile Club of WA ) and was the eighth female to be elected on to the board in 104 years RAC is the highest member organization in WA and one of the highest in Australia with over 700,000 members and has an operating budget of $450 million
  • In 2003 Elizabeth was presented with the Newman College Dedicated Service to the School Community Award ( she had volunteered her services on a regular basis on the school board, the school canteen and timekeeping and other roles for various sporting events for over seven years )
  • In 2003 Elizabeth co-established and wrote the modules for the Diploma of Public Works tertiary course to upskill and multi-skill local government employees
  • In 2003 and 2002 to encourage and promote better awareness of acceptable health standards in the community, Elizabeth managed and budgeted the very successful Department of Health Perth Royal Show exhibition
  • In 2001, Elizabeth co-founded the successful Women Interest Network group (WIN) for the Health Department of Western Australia to provide a mentoring and leadership avenue for some of the 22,000 women employees
  • From 1997, Elizabeth was appointed to the central districts junior football umpires committee and completed her accreditation as an AFL football senior coach and an accredited AFL football timekeeper
  • From 1996 Elizabeth was the official umpire for the Newman netball at Mathews Netball Centre for many years also coached netball teams to the grand final
  • From 1995 Elizabeth was part of the inaugural committee to assess and develop strategies for diversity in the workplace and encourage a stress-free workplace
  • In 1994 Elizabeth founded a community group, Woodlands Action Group, to address environmental community concerns and is still very active today
  • In 1993 Elizabeth was the first health inspector and first officer to be permitted to work part-time in Western Australia State Health Department
  • In 1992, Elizabeth was employed on the ‘fastrack program’ by the Western Australian Department of Education to provide educational assistance to teenage incest victims to encourage them back into the school system
  • In 1987 Elizabeth completed her Graduate Diploma in Education, majoring in highs school Math and Science from Murdoch University
  • In 1986 Elizabeth was part of a community team who organized the establishment of the Nintirri community centre in Tom Price in the north-west of Western Australia, to provide an informative place for women, provide a day care for children and organized a business connection with a tertiary institute in Perth 18,000 km away and to provide academic courses and training for residents of this remote mining town. This Nintirri community Centre is still in operation today and she was the inaugural President
  • In 1984, Elizabeth was elected as the President of Child Health Association of Tom Price and set up child care programs and taught young disabled children and adults how to swim
  • From 1983, Elizabeth has written many polices and plans to assist government agencies in maintaining good health practice, the most significant was the Local Government Environmental Health Plan, which is still in use in Councils today to benchmark their own individual health standards
  • In 1983, Elizabeth wrote and prepared submission, polices and legislative cabinet submission towards the establishment of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984 and the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 in Western Australia
  • In 1982 Elizabeth was appointed as the first female health and meat inspector in state and federal Government and one of the first in Australian in this public servant position
  • In 1980 Elizabeth was part of a community team who designed and assisted with the building (in their own time ) an alcohol-free, residential settlement with a radio station and vegetable garden for Aboriginal people
  • In 1979 Elizabeth was the first female in Western Australia and in Australia to be appointed as Principal Health and Building surveyor in Local Government
  • In 1978 Elizabeth completed a Bachelor of Science , Environmental Health from Curtin University
  • In 1975 Elizabeth through her tertiary entrance results gained a place to study Pharmacy at Curtin University, which she did so before transferring to the Bachelor of Science, Environmental Health