Elizabeth’s Board Experience

Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth has a good understanding of the complexity and the confidentiality involved with the responsibility of being elected to a board and has always taken the role with the utmost respect.

Elizabeth background in government procedures, including writing ministerial and making judgments on appeals has provided her with a wealth of experience and the ability to understand the process in order to achieve goals and objectives

Elizabeth role on the boards has been at a strategic level to guide the organization through sound policies and astute financial budgets to achieve the desired change, answer to stakeholders and accomplish objectives and results. With her personal suggestions, becoming a successful reality, like the $70 million dollar resource recovery plant through her waste management expertise and sound knowledge of government legislation and processes.

Current Boards

  • City of Stirling Councillor ( operating budget of ~ $215 million – projects from $5,000 to $70 million )
  • Board member national council of women Australia
  • Board member Australian Local Government Womens Association
  • Chairman Stirling Regional Emergency Management committee
  • District Emergency Management Committee  Northern Suburbs – member
  • Board Member Claremont Women’s Football Club
  • Board Member Football Hall of Fame WA

Past Boards/Committees

  • Board Member Claremont Women’s Football Club
  • Stirling Business Enterprise Centre Board ( WA Business Assist )  – Board / Director
  • RAC  ( Royal Automobile Club of WA ) Councillor ( operating budget of ~ $400 million – projects from  $5,000 to $50 million)
  • The Stirling City Centre Alliance Board  / Director (  > $10 billion projects)
  • National Council of Women – Executive committee Western Australia branch
  • Deputy Director / Councillor Mindarie Regional Council
  • Director of Australian Women’s Sport and Recreation Association
  • Environmental Health Association Australia – Director / Executive committee
  • National Council of Women – Executive Committee Western Australia branch
  • Churchlands Independent Primary School Board / Director
  • Skating on Thin Ice – Chairman ( youth / drug )
  • Newman College Board  / Director (  $ 10 million building plan  )
  • Mindarie Regional Council /  Director ( $70  million dollar resource recovery plant)
  • WA Municipal Waste Advisory Council  Councillor / Director
  • Australian Institute of Environmental Health – Director
  • State Needle and Syringe Disposal Committee
  • State Hepatitis Committee
  • Secretariat for the Food Legislation Working Group
  • Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Committee (WA)
  • Scarborough Progress Association
  • Woodlands Action Group
  • Woodlands Progress Association
  • Claremont Football Club
  • Marist Football Club
  • Central Districts Football Association
  • Women in Wellness Group
  • Australian Local Government Women’s Association / Past President (WA)
  • UNIFEM Committee
  • Councillor of The Royal Society of Western Australia (promoting science in WA since 1914)


>Elizabeth’s Achievements in the Community

Elizabeth believes in the importance of giving back to the community and feels good when volunteering and has volunteered for many local and world wide sporting and community organisations including

Elizabeth Re has actively contributed to the community through her service as a City of Stirling Councillor over the past 13 years.  For example she has:

  • The Womens World Cup and was the sustainability team leader
  • The world transplant games
  • The world homeless games
  • Successfully campaigned for issues such as rebates for underground power
  • Changed garbage collection to during business hours
  • Lobbied for all public generated questions and answers to be displayed on the internet and in the Council Minutes
  • Gold award recipient Neighbourhood Watch
  • Founder and Coordinator of Woodlands Action Group
  • Pushed to have parks upgraded to include footpaths, sunshade, equipment, bbq’s and furniture
  • Founder Innaloo Community Group
  • Pushed for the Stirling Centre Project to be a reality, addressing the traffic, the waterways and the planning
  • Pushed for the separate waste collection of items such as electrical and hazardous goods
  • Pushed for discount on sterilisation of dogs and cats
  • Support for Community Gardens
  • A paper recycling strategy for the City of Stirling which, not only saved ratepayer’s money, but also reduced waste to landfill

Country Professional Background


Elizabeth has worked and lived in many regional areas in the north and south of Western Australia and she gave birth to one of her sons in the mining town of Tom Price. She has many friends and relatives who still reside in the regional areas of the state. Her grandfather lived and worked in Kalgoorlie from 1897 and her mother was born in Collie in 1932 and one of her sons built a house in Cowaramup with his young family and works as a regional manager for a local company.

Elizabeth has been appointed to many boards and committees, such as the RAC and ALGWA WA, who have had influence in both the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia and this has required many trips to regional areas to carry out assessments and provide assistance Elizabeth has been a member of many regional community organizations, such as the Country Women’s Association, Apex and many local sporting clubs and other community groups.

Over thirty years, Elizabeth has gained considerable knowledge and experience in Local, State and Federal Government regulations, positions, procedures and processes while living and working in both in country WA and the metropolitan areas of Western Australia. Through her various roles as project manager, scientific officer, teacher, noise inspector, auditor, housing maintenance supervisor, building inspector, environmental health officer, approval officer, meat inspector, town planning, immunization, equal opportunity and diversity officer, sustainability audits and research, auditor, occupational health and safety officer, unit manager and board member. Looking at prison, work camps, hospitals, cheese factories and wastewater system etc has allowed her to travel on a regular basis to most towns in WA.

Elizabeth has worked in both the north and south regional areas of Western Australia in various capacities examples are illustrated below:

  • From 2012 Elizabeth has worked as a private consultant, lecturer and teacher for Government and Non-Government agencies. Because of respect for her vast experience, knowledge and sound professional reputation across many disciplines, she has also been appointed to many boards and committees.
  • From 2007 to 2012 Elizabeth was employed by the WA State Government in the position of Inspector – Environmental Health / Sustainability on grounds of health, sustainability, emergency management and occupational health and safety. She wrote reports and recommendations for parliament for all the prisons, court custody centres, work camps and juvenile detention centres and was the only person in this position, which was created in 2007. Most of these facilities are in the regional areas of Western Australia, which meant she was regularly in different regional areas for extended time frames in this role.
  • From 1994 to 2007 Elizabeth for a couple of years, was in a predominantly standalone position analysing statistical data, chemical analysis, interpretation of field studies, ensuring compliance to legislative requirements such as the development of appropriate policies and the assessment and approval of wastewater apparatus suitable for sensitive places such as the Burrup Peninsula fertiliser plant in the north west of the state and she was involved in the responsibility of hearing appeals from Local Government with regard to wastewater issue particularly from regional councils like the Shire of Gingin and Town of Albany and contributed to the formation of the country WA sewage policy and strategies for reuse and recycling of waste products. She was also involved and wrote the program to inspect for compliance and quality assessment of all the cheese factories in WA and inspected and evaluated the health standards of all primary schools in the metropolitan area.
  • In 2006, Elizabeth in her role as acting Manager of the wastewater management section of the Health Department approved many regional re-use schemes throughout the state and she approved the first reuse of wastewater onto an oval in the metropolitan area and was responsible for ensuring that the 85 approved reuse of wastewater systems in the regional areas were maintained in a satisfactory manner. These duties also included policy development of regional issues such as greywater reuse, wastewater reuse policy, bore water usage policy etc. She Organized and assessed the approval of products and apparatus for the use in wastewater systems and reuse systems throughout the state, such as aerobic treatment units like bicycle, which were predominately used in areas such as the Shire of Murray.
  • From 2004 to 2006 Elizabeth was part of the State Health Department team that undertook auditing and compliance of the eighty five wastewater reuse schemes in the regional areas of Western Australia and she wrote reports and actions to ensure that safety of the community areas was not compromised by any of the systems.
  • From 2005 Elizabeth was elected on to the RAC board and has consistently been re-elected over the last eleven years and has been instrumental in looking at policies to reduce road deaths and ELIZABETH RE lobbied to improve road safety and public transport and so she is very familiar with road-related issues in regional areas. The RAC has over 800,000 members in WA and many reside in regional areas and are familiar with her name in the RAC magazine.
  • In 2003 Elizabeth co-established and wrote and still lectures in the modules of the Diploma of Public Works tertiary course to up skill and multi-skill particularly country local government employees, with regard to climate change; sustainable practice; Local Agenda 21; waste management, recycling and environmental issues that affect local government etc. These units have been delivered on site in country areas such as Bunbury and have had regular attendance by regional officers.
  • From 1985 to 1987 Elizabeth had the opportunity to teach swimming and life saving techniques to young children with disabilities, school children, mature adults and pregnant women in Tom Price
  • From 1983 to 1987 Elizabeth was asked to do relief teaching in chemistry and science at the remote mining town at Tom Price High School
  • From 1983 to 1987 Elizabeth was involved both as a competitor and in the management committee of the various sporting clubs in Tom Price such as the Netball, basketball and squash clubs
  • In 1986 Elizabeth was elected the President of the Tom Price Child Health Centre and was instrumental in improving facilities and education for the many families in the town with regard to public health issues and the spread of diseases.
  • In 1986 to address the poor educational and health standards of a remote mining town, Tom Price 1600 km north of Perth, Elizabeth co-founded the Nintirri Centre, which still operates today and provides a venue for education and information to the community
  • In 1983, Elizabeth was handling Parliamentary questions, evaluating Hansard comments and briefing notes on many issues such as drainage issues in the flooding in country towns, jetty in Busselton and the storms in Exmouth and to why there are no public toilets in TAB’s.
  • In 1983, Elizabeth and other officers carried out onsite inspection and assessment of every possible potential health risk and statutory compliance issue the Shire of Boulder and then benching marched the town's ability to adhere and comply with the requirements of good governance. Based on her report and other officers this local government council was closed down by the State Government and then was amalgamated into the Shire of Kalgoorlie / Boulder. Elizabeth then personally wrote many polices and plans to assist government agencies in maintaining good health practises, the most significant was the Local Government Environmental Health Plan, in 1983, which is still in use in most WA Councils today to benchmark their Health standards.
  • In 1982 Elizabeth was appointed as the first female health and meat inspector in state and federal Government in Western Australia and one of the first females in Australian in this public servant position and directly had to relate to issues in the country and worked as a meat inspector at Fremantle and addressed meat substitution in both metropolitan and country area. Also investigating and reporting on situations whereby a number of people who developed food poisoning symptoms after drinking bore water and those who had severe medical body sores after playing on a ground where inadequately recycled wastewater was used for the watering of the oval.
  • In 1982 in the Peel and south west regional areas Elizabeth investigated and wrote reports and recommendations to ensure risks are significantly reduced and controlled with regard to pesticide poisoning in metropolitan and country creeks, through the cleaning up of the site and presenting and distributing educational information of the issue, an investigation into a Guardia poisoning that had resulted in ten miscarriages and discovering the sources of the issue and eliminating the risk
  • In 1982 Elizabeth was employed by the Town Councils of Narrogin, Pingelly and Williams in the role of meat, health and building inspector and investigated, assessed and successfully organized a team to successfully address a huge food poisoning outbreak in one of the country towns
  • In 1979 Elizabeth was appointed and gazetted as the first Female Principle Health and Building Inspector in Western Australia and one of the first in Australia. Over several years she worked in several country Councils, such as Tambellup, Gnowangerup, and Cranbrook with varying tasks and responsibilities and duties, such as organizing the de-amalgamation between the Shire of Gnowangerup and the Shire of Jerramungup, she establishment of a cemetery in Jerramungup and the limited effluent scheme and the removal of the night soil from Gnowangerup. Elizabeth after been given the task of closing Aboriginal reserves in several south west towns, through her own initiative designed and with a team built an alternative accommodation unit and radio station for Aboriginal people in one of the towns. She presented lectures to community forums on public health risks associated with Listeria, meat trafficking, pesticide usage to service organizations such as Apex and Lions club and was involved with the inaugural Merino sheep IVF project ELIZABETH RE.
  • In 1975 Elizabeth worked in Derby while on a summer break from studying pharmacy at university and was instrumental in reducing use of chewing tobacco in hospital and wrote other programs to improve the health and well being of the town’s inhabitants.

>Uncle Amedeo Re turns 100!

Elizabeth Re & Amadeo Re

Elizabeth Re celebrates the 100th birthday of her uncle, Amedeo Re

Elizabeth is concerned that we are not caring for our pensioners who have cared for us and if elected, this will be one of the items on her agenda.

Pictured here with her Uncle, Amedeo Re who was raised in Northbridge, turned 100 on the 2 February 2010 and celebrated with 148 close relatives in Perth, Elizabeth feels a strong connection with the older generation.

Her Uncle was one of the founders of the WA Italian Club 75 years ago.

Elizabeth’s grandparents came out 125 years ago from Italy (on one side) and 80 years ago from Scotland (on the other), pioneering the Australia we see today.

Elizabeth sees the importance of families, with elders living longer, we need to teach our children to grow up and respect the senior members of our community.

>Do you have NCWWA Memorabilia?

Elizabeth with Noelene Hartley

Elizabeth Re & Noelene Hartley

Elizabeth Re has been a member and a huge supporter of the National Council of Women for many years and is currently on the Executive Committee.  And she’s asking the question, “Do you have any memorabilia from the Association that we can use for our celebration?”

Elizabeth is pictured with Noeleen Hartley a local Innaloo lady who has been active in pushing women’s rights for many years and is in particular concerned with the consumption of GM foods.

National Council of Women WA will be celebrating their 100 anniversary next year, which is a significant milestone for an association, who through the efforts of many women and have and have made the world safer for us today.

The committee is looking for memorabilia and stories that can be used for the Centenary Celebration next year. It has been organized to hold a display in the Perth Town Hall over ten days in May 2011 to mark this auspicious event.

If you have some NCWWA memorabilia, no matter how small or large, even though you think it wouldn’t be of consequence, we would like you to avail us of its use for the exhibition, or you may wish to donate it to the archives for posterity.

If you know of someone who has been a member or who had relations/friends who were, please tell them of the upcoming event and our request so as to make this a special occasion. Perhaps an association that you belong to has items in their files or archives they would like to loan.

Certainly, any help that you can give would be appreciated.  Please contact the office on Phone (08) 9325 8897 or email:  ncwwa@iinet.net.au or Marion Ward our archivist, email marionward70@yahoo.com

>Serving the People as a JP

Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth Re signing documentation as a JP

In her capacity as a Justice of the Peace, Elizabeth Re is often called upon to sign legal documents, as was the case recently when she was out shopping and received a phone call asking if she could urgently sign some application forms.
Chris, an immigrant to Australia, approached Elizabeth to witness his Australian Citizenship application.

Chris is hoping to become an Australian Citizen on Australia Day, 2011.

Elizabeth dutifully checked his paperwork and signed his photos and application forms on the spot.

Elizabeth Re & Chris

Elizabeth Re signing application for Australian Citizenship

To her credit, Elizabeth takes her role as a Justice of the Peace very seriously and sees that it is a valuable community service that she is providing.  Her reward is the joy of helping people.  Elizabeth is always willing to help community groups and local citizens fill out forms and help sporting clubs complete funding applications.

>Families are Important

Solich Family and Elizabeth Re

Solich Family and Elizabeth Re at the local park in Dianella, Western Australia

Visiting one of the reserves in Dianella, Elizabeth was approached by Andrew Solich, a local father who was out with his children enjoying the play equipment at the local reserve.

“I’m just wondering if there is anything the Council can do about providing some shade at the playground,” asked Andrew.  “A lot of the local kids come down to this park to play but there really isn’t any shade over the play equipment which means that the equipment can be too hot to play on in summer and too wet in winter.  Just seems a shame that the kids can’t play here all year round and enjoy the equipment.”

Elizabeth explained to Mr Solich that it depends on where the equipment is located as to whether or not it would qualify for the shade sails to be added to the equipment.

Having raised two boys herself, Elizabeth appreciates that parents have a tough job on their hands, especially teaching children the value of public space, of community service and how to share public space harmoniously.

Andrew Solich and Elizabeth Re

Andrew Solich & Elizabeth Re discussing the need for shade cloths over play areas to protect children from sun cancers

Elizabeth also made an impression on 12 year old, Sarah Solich, as she discussed with her about waste management.

“We need to encourage our young people to be proactive in our communities,” says Elizabeth.  “Young people have a lot to give and just need us to guide them.”

>Elizabeth Re on Council for the RAC


Elizabeth Re is very happy to serve on the Council of the RAC, as she sees the work of the RAC as being very important in keeping our community mobile and safe on our roads.

As someone who has done a lot of country travel and is also concerned about the economic and eco-friendly future of travel in Western Australia, Elizabeth is willing to make a contribution to decision making at the upper levels of the Motor Industry.

Below are two images of information found on the RAC Website.  To find out more, please click on the link above to visit the Councillors page on the RAC Website.

>”Women Yet to Make their Presence Felt in Top Layers of Local Government” says Re & Scaffidi

>Photo – Elizabeth Re on Australia Day 2010

Elizabeth Re on Australia Day 2010

Elizabeth Re on Australia Day, 2010 at Scarborough Autumn Centre