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Elizabeths Issues of Concern

1.         No CPI on HECS debits – campaign the government when they brought in the HECS, said there would not be any interest levied on their studying debit, however putting CPI on their HECS debit is a form of interest and inhibits people from attaining university qualifications which for the future of the Australian economy is not good. Plus with the addition of the increases in health insurance levy and the daily cost of mobile phones and the internet these are all contributing to a financial stress to the struggling student.  as this HECS debt affects everyone in Australia it could be supported Australia wide and therefore it could be a Australia wide nationals campaign strategy. I think that no CPI on the HECS debit is what we really need to push for several reasons,  one is that it is like interest on a loan and that makes it hard for people to pay off, makes it class distinct , putting a price on education , regional people have to pay additional costs for education like accommodation etc so this is a greater burden for people in regional areas in the whole of Australia , affects the whole family budget and the ability of young people to start their independence , affects mature people wanting to re -train themselves especially with the down turn in the mining industry , CPI varies each year and is recorded differently from 1.9 to 3.5 % , the government has said no pay rises for staff or agreements at 1.5% over five years, but has not reduced HECS levy, discouraging people to educated, against the Turnbull policy of promoting science, sustainability, maths and innovation, etc.

2.         Use of the GST on products review campaign – as we know there has been an argument by consumer groups on what GST has been assigned to and what it hasn’t been placed on and of course the fact that WA doesn’t get its fair share of our GST returned. And the controversy over the increase to the GST, so we can campaign for a review, which means we don’t have a position but want to see the options. One aspect could be used to get perhaps the women’s vote is No GST on sanitary, menstruation, maternity, menopausal,  products as women don’t have choice and it is not a service  

3.         Pathology and MRI tests to be continued to be bulked billed – as this will put a huge financial demands on disabled and the Elderly people and families with children if they have to pay full price, health insurance may increase to offset costs but in the end the consumer pays more. Also this will encourage people not to get tested for diseases such as aides gonorrhoea etc, which in turn will cost the health system more in addressing outbreaks of disease, recovering from infections etc. Plus an extra cost to regional people who also have to pay the additional cost of travelling and often accommodation and time off work to access places to have the test carried out by medical teams  

4.         Working in regional areas – All government departments and banks etc implement a policy to ensure that all new graduates and employees spend at least one year working in regional areas to obtain permanency as this use to be the case in the past and was stopped. This would encourage more people to work, live, visit and perhaps establish businesses in the regional areas

5.         Transfer of employment leave entitlements – between local and state government employees to encourage metropolitan government employees  to work and retire in regional areas thereby improving the talent pool , knowledge and experience in towns and increase the number of people living in regional areas

6.         Federally funded school health nurse program  – to support parents, teachers and the children in resolving issues such as domestic violence, financial issues, obesity social issues, drug issues, bullying, physical  and mental issues / difficulties . Currently it is about one school health nurse to 2,000 school children.  If issues are sorted out before children get to high school then there will be less issues in high school and this will have a knock on affect of having better adults and better parents in the future.. succession planning for future generations of healthy and well balanced Australians

7.         Renewable energy usage – should be encouraged and mandatory especially through infrastructure projects that renewable energy must be part of the business plan, such as solar , wind or wave energy and these could be     coupled together to produce cheaper power costs and create jobs all over WA

8.         Waste recycling and management – majority of the waste created in the metropolitan area is either sent to the regional areas to be made into compost etc or is sent overseas to be processed and then returned to Australia as recycled plastic etc or is sent to landfill. It is a great opportunity thru projects such as waste to energy plants and plastics or metal recycling centres to be established in the regional areas where the land is cheaper and this will reduce the gate fee associated with landfill stocks, reduce export costs of waste material and would increase jobs and technology in the regional areas and improve productivity and Australia business rating and sustainability rating

9.         Improve public and freight transport throughout WA  –   If we are to create jobs and businesses in the regional areas we need an affective transport mechanism established to allow products to be processed around the state and to ports etc for the exclusive export markets, safety of road users etc . By improving the public transport within both the metropolitan area and the regional areas it should reduce  the road toll and provides another option for people  to travel safely around the state and will reduce stress on the road and the time pole are spent in the cars travelling and therefore reduce obesity etc

10.        Potable Water strategy –  There needs to be an overall state wide water usage strategy state wide as rain is dimensioning and populations are increasing. Why is so much of the storm water runoff channelled to the ocean ?  We may have limited reuse / recycling/ harvesting programs but they are not compliant and therefore the health of the population is at risk as our valuable natural resource diminishes. The water issue will not lessen so we need some strategies now to get people realizing the issue

11.        Commitment to ban poker machines outside of the Casino

12.        Fixed term for Election Cycle – As with State elections it should be fixed to promote stable government and would guarantee less politicising of the major political parties and reduce costs because they would be factored in and borne in advance.  A four year fixed term for Federal Parliament as we do for State parliament.

13.        Improved Mobile and Internet Coverage throughout Australia – There are too many pockets where there is no transmission coverage which could be a risk to safety, health and limits employment and self-employment opportunities.

14.       Improve the management and streamline services by Centrelink – Needs to be more pensioner friendly, sympathetic to customers, especially those who do not have internet access or knowledge, every program (such as Work for the Dole Program) needs to be re-evaluated to ensure objectives are realised without compromising service provision and public wellbeing.  Improved access to services, especially social workers, to reduce the stress and mental health negative impacts on customers associated with accessing services, especially phone services.  Reduced waits to speak to someone and to process claims.

15.       Don’t sell our assets – The Nationals WA have come out and said not to sell the Fremantle Port, as it is strategic revenue raising and will be needed for our safety in the event of war, terrorism etc.   Concern is also that our farmland is going to China, our dairies are going where, and our cattle/sheep stations?  This all has to be reviewed.  The whole import/export of all produce needs to be strategically evaluated to have a whole of Australian industry wellbeing viewpoint.

16.      More funding provided to address the increase in domestic violence, suicide and drugs in the community.  A whole of Australian government approach is required to address this from the grass roots level up to improve Australia as a whole.  Investigation into best practice, what is actually working in terms of rehabilitation, with increased funding to community based programs that are achieving results.

>Are you concerned about Christian values being lost in government?

It’s interesting to see what is coming up in this election and there appears to be a lot of concern about Christian values being lost in our government.

I saw this website/video and it raised some interesting points of view, especially for Christians, about the Green Party.

I thought I would share it with you all and invite you to comment as I am interested to know what your thoughts are on this issue.

Please go and view the video, then come back here and comment about what you think.

(Elizabeth Re neither endorses or rejects the views expressed on this website but has provided it to stimulate debate.)

>On the Campaign Trail

Dear Supporters

As you are aware I have been involved in many community and sporting issues over the years and have been very active in getting accountability, consistency and good governance into the Council decision making, because I believe in making a difference.

In 2008 I was asked to assist a group of people with regard to raising the awareness of domestic violence ( through the WOW and Alana’s project ) and finally after two years of motions and reports to  Council, they have agreed to planting a tree and have also agreed to placing an awareness plaque in the ground in the Stirling Gardens ( north eastern end of the Stirling Memorial Gardens – adjacent to Telford Crescent, past the Stirling Train Station , see picture above).

I am very concerned that the family and traditional values of our Australian society are being lost and believe that most of the undesirable cultural change has been attributed to the increase in domestic violence which has a long lasting affect on our children. One of the sides of this is the bullying culture that has developed and if not addressed in the school develops into work place bullies and then eventually into home bullies and the circle of family domestic violence continues.

Family violence is observed through all cultures, whether you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, no boundaries are known for this dilemma that is apparent world wide and is encroaching on the lives of decent citizens and impacting on the lives of the next generation to come.

The federal government needs to support school community health nurses to pick up the signs of abuse and disabilities and our teachers need additional resources to address these issues to enable the children not to have their education compromised by external influences and finally, additional support is needed for the parents and the grandparents to enable them to stop the cycle and encourage strong Australian values.

There has been over the last two years on average 50 cases each week, of domestic violence reported to the police within the City of Stirling area. According to the ABS one in every three women are subjected to some form of domestic violence in their life time. This is also associated with drug abuse and in turn there is a direct correlation with neglect and abuse of children.  Access Economics found that during the period of 2002 and 2003, the estimated financial cost of family domestic violence in the Australian community was $8.1 Billion and the psychological cost for our future society is immeasurable!

Violence is increasing everywhere in our community and resources are needed now to be injected into the root of the issue and strategies need to be in place so that the general population can feel safe in our own homes and in the streets.

I am prepared to stand up for the grandparents and parents of today and our children of the future and I hope that you will support me and stand up with me, as I take on the challenge of running for the Federal seat of Stirling in the 2010 election on the 21 August.

I will be launching my campaign Thursday 29 July 5pm in Stirling gardens and I hope you will be able to join me as I push to make a difference and remember:

“If one Good person stands up, then Good people will follow, then Good things will happen !!!”, thanks, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Re JP

Written and authorized by Elizabeth Re, 23 Hakea road Woodlands 6018, 9446 7136,

>Re wins $1000 for Charity in ‘Bang the Table for a Cause’

Elizabeth Re won a $1000 at a conference that was donated by Bang the table (consultation group)to be given to charities of her choice.

Elizabeth choose two local organizatiosn who do a lot of grass roots caring in the community.

Shown below are the two organisations.

The conference Re-Generation: New Beginnings was the theme for the 2010 national congress and business expo, for the local government managers association and will capture the challenges and opportunities facing local government in the current environment of:

Issues discussed were:

  • Major climatic events as a result of climate change
  • Challenge to local economics due to the Global Financial Crisis
  • Local government’s capacity to deal with existing and future challenges.

Elizabeth Re With St Vincent De Paul

Elizabeth Re with Vinnies Staff

The first donation of $500 is to Saint Vincent DePaul They are a local group who will be making up food parcels for local people and getting blankets etc. There is an office / shop in Morris Place Shopping centre in Morris Road Innaloo, the Convener for the Woodlands group is Stephanie Tenger.

Elizabeth Re with Wanslea Carers

Elizabeth Re with Wanslea Family Services presenting the cheque for $500

The second donation of $500 is to WANSLEA They are a local group that organize foster places for children from 0 to 12 years old . They provide clothes, toys etc for kids as they often have nothing when they are removed from their families. They are based at 110 Scarborough Beach Road Scarborough.

Bang the Table Company organiser:

The guy who started the Bang the Table company and came up with the idea of the prize was  Crispin Butteriss

Director, Bang the Table Pty Ltd

P: 1300 64 70 14

A: 158 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC 3066 AUSTRALIA

Elizabeth Re is committed to supporting local community groups and makes the effort to show up to events as regularly as possible.

New Community Development Building Theatre launched

Elizabeth Re, Kat Pinder and Vilma Palacios

Elizabeth Re, Kat Pinder and Vilma Palacios

As part of the 2010 Year of Women in Local Government Ambassador program, Elizabeth attended a function organized by the City of Wanneroo, with fellow Ambassador Kat Pinder and Vilma Palacios from the North Metro Public Health Unit.

It was a great day as the Council showcased their new Community Development Building Theater.

>Do you have NCWWA Memorabilia?

Elizabeth with Noelene Hartley

Elizabeth Re & Noelene Hartley

Elizabeth Re has been a member and a huge supporter of the National Council of Women for many years and is currently on the Executive Committee.  And she’s asking the question, “Do you have any memorabilia from the Association that we can use for our celebration?”

Elizabeth is pictured with Noeleen Hartley a local Innaloo lady who has been active in pushing women’s rights for many years and is in particular concerned with the consumption of GM foods.

National Council of Women WA will be celebrating their 100 anniversary next year, which is a significant milestone for an association, who through the efforts of many women and have and have made the world safer for us today.

The committee is looking for memorabilia and stories that can be used for the Centenary Celebration next year. It has been organized to hold a display in the Perth Town Hall over ten days in May 2011 to mark this auspicious event.

If you have some NCWWA memorabilia, no matter how small or large, even though you think it wouldn’t be of consequence, we would like you to avail us of its use for the exhibition, or you may wish to donate it to the archives for posterity.

If you know of someone who has been a member or who had relations/friends who were, please tell them of the upcoming event and our request so as to make this a special occasion. Perhaps an association that you belong to has items in their files or archives they would like to loan.

Certainly, any help that you can give would be appreciated.  Please contact the office on Phone (08) 9325 8897 or email: or Marion Ward our archivist, email

>Elizabeth Re on Council for the RAC

Elizabeth Re is very happy to serve on the Council of the RAC, as she sees the work of the RAC as being very important in keeping our community mobile and safe on our roads.

As someone who has done a lot of country travel and is also concerned about the economic and eco-friendly future of travel in Western Australia, Elizabeth is willing to make a contribution to decision making at the upper levels of the Motor Industry.

Below are two images of information found on the RAC Website.  To find out more, please click on the link above to visit the Councillors page on the RAC Website.

>”Women Yet to Make their Presence Felt in Top Layers of Local Government” says Re & Scaffidi

>Re featured in ‘Women in Politics’ Book Release

Elizabeth Re says she was surprised and honored at being named an ambassador for the Year of Women in Local Government.

The honour saw her fly to Canberra to meet with the other delegates and attend the launch of the “Women in Leadership” publication, a book that features 12 women in politics, with a double page feature on Elizabeth’s contribution and her vision for women in leadership.

“If someone had said to me that I would have been in Canberra two weeks ago, having dinner at Parliament house withPrime Minster Rudd before his demise and that I was going to be one of the twelve women who were selected from all the women in Local, State and Federal parliament in Australia, to be written about in the book ” Women in Politics ” and that they would put the quote I gave them on the front cover, I would have to say that you were dreaming.  But the reality is, that’s exactly what has happened and I’m surprised and thrilled,” says Elizabeth.

“The main thing I would like to achieve is to encourage all the good people ( men and women ) to stand up and give women a chance  ( even just the opportunity to act in positions ) and when these good people come forward it will help stamp out the discrimination and bullying that is still so prevalent in the workplace today and is the main deterrent why women have not been utilized to their best potential,” continues Elizabeth.

Click to view the Women in Politics publication.