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Solich Family and Elizabeth Re

Solich Family and Elizabeth Re at the local park in Dianella, Western Australia

Visiting one of the reserves in Dianella, Elizabeth was approached by Andrew Solich, a local father who was out with his children enjoying the play equipment at the local reserve.

“I’m just wondering if there is anything the Council can do about providing some shade at the playground,” asked Andrew.  “A lot of the local kids come down to this park to play but there really isn’t any shade over the play equipment which means that the equipment can be too hot to play on in summer and too wet in winter.  Just seems a shame that the kids can’t play here all year round and enjoy the equipment.”

Elizabeth explained to Mr Solich that it depends on where the equipment is located as to whether or not it would qualify for the shade sails to be added to the equipment.

Having raised two boys herself, Elizabeth appreciates that parents have a tough job on their hands, especially teaching children the value of public space, of community service and how to share public space harmoniously.

Andrew Solich and Elizabeth Re

Andrew Solich & Elizabeth Re discussing the need for shade cloths over play areas to protect children from sun cancers

Elizabeth also made an impression on 12 year old, Sarah Solich, as she discussed with her about waste management.

“We need to encourage our young people to be proactive in our communities,” says Elizabeth.  “Young people have a lot to give and just need us to guide them.”