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Elizabeth Re attended the Princess in Petticoats & Pearls event organised by Women Can International Inc in celebration of International Women’s Day, held at Lily of the Valley Cafe in Henley Brook on 6 March 2010.  Read more below.

Article from the YoWiLG eNewsletter April 2010

>Elizabeth Re for City of Stirling Mayor position

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COMPETITION for the position of Stirling Mayor is heating up, with as many as six councillors likely to nominate for the top job following the October 17 council elections.

Mayor David Boothman and former mayor Terry Tyzack will again vie for the head position after little separated the pair in mayoral voting at the 2007 election.

John Italiano, Rod Willox and Elizabeth Re have also revealed they will put their hands up for the role.

A sixth possible candidate, Coastal Ward councillor Bill Stewart, said he had yet to decide if he would run.

Councillors will elect the mayor at a special council meeting on October 20.

Cr Boothman said while he was focusing on getting re-elected to remain a Balga Ward councillor, he was keen to resume the mayoralty for another two years.

“I would like to throw my hat in the ring to be considered for another term,” he said. “I’ve worked very hard to form strong relationships with both Federal and State Governments, and the cohesion between the City’s officers and councillors is at an all-time high.”

Cr Tyzack, who has served two stints as mayor in the past three decades, said he would look for support from fellow councillors.

“If I’m successful as a candidate, I will make the necessary contact with new and existing councillors and put my hand up for mayor.”

Cr Italiano was looking to spearhead a more proactive approach to City projects.

“I believe we have got different directions that we need to take, because I don’t think we are moving forward as we need to be.”

Cr Willox said his “significant experience” would be an asset, while Cr Re said her communication and networking skills would help her succeed if she were to be elected as the City’s second female mayor.

Stirling differs from a number of local councils, using a system where the mayor is chosen by councillors and not ratepayers.

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>Re Receives High Honour – Stirling Times Newspaper

STIRLING councillor Elizabeth Re says she was surprised and honored at being named an ambassador for the Year of Women in Local Government.

Cr Re was one of 21 people nationwide, including four West Australians, to be recognized as an official role model for next years celebrations.

The Woodlands resident was the only WA councillor chosen for the role.

Cr Re said she had not expected her hard work as a City of Stirling representative to be recognized on a national level.

“I was quite surprised, because people from all over Australia have been nominating, including both male and female Councilors and officers who are trying to promote the role of women in the workplace and the community”, she said.

“It was definitely a bit of a shock to be considered at that level.  To find out I was the only councillor from WA to be named as an ambassador was just amazing.”

The Doubleview ward councillor has had a long involvement in local politics, including becoming the first female principle health and building surveyor in WA local government.

She was the eighth female councillor to be elected to the City of Stirling, and one of the first women to be included on the RAC board in WA.

“I like to think I have been an advocate of giving women a fair go and highlighting the challenges and capabilities of women in the workplace”, she said.

Cr Re, who has been a Stirling councillor since 2005 and was this month re-elected for another term, said she would use her role as ambassador to promote the positive role of local government for women.

STIRLING TIMES NEWS PAPER   Western Australia 27 October 30, 2009

>Rebuilt Downs Shops ‘back by Christmas’

Newspaper Article from West Australian Newspaper Group

Elizabeth Re contributed to getting Centre back up for Christmas

Local resident and Councilor Elizabeth Re was a huge support in getting the plans for the new Wembley Downs Shopping Centre passed by Council after a fire on the 18 October 2008 burnt the shopping centre that had been the hub of the community for over 50 years

Elizabeth helped to arrange a notice board to be erected on the site to enable the local residents to follow the progress of the centre and raise any issues.

This article appeared in The West Australian newspaper on 4 March 2009.