A Message from Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth Thanks You For Your Support

Thank you everyone for your support of me in elections and in the community.  I appreciate your comments and positive feedback on the tireless work I do for the community without fear or favour.  Your endorsement of my motto is what keeps me going. “When one good person stands up, good people will follow, and […]

Elizabeth’s Hot Topics

  • The cost of parking at hospitals should be significantly reduced for both nurses and the public because this is a burden on people in times of distress and medical staff supporting those in need.
  • The increase in health and police services to address the alarming incidents and rates of workplace, community, and domestic violence.
  • All bus stops within the metro area and major roads within the State should have some form of shelter from climatic conditions.
  • All bus stop shelters should have no smoking signs as a passive deterrent to those who choose to smoke in the interests of care and wellbeing.
  • That a light rail public transport system circumnavigating the metropolitan area should be incorporated into the transport plan to reduce the traffic congestion in the city, increase the mobility and diversity options of public transport users to reduce costs and improve transportability for tourists.
  • That the safety of seniors to access public transport and local services and facilities should be paramount.
  • There should be an increase in health service providers such as nurses and social workers to all schools throughout the State to improve the health issues of students and families and to allow teachers to teach.
  • That the bullying and harassment in the public service needs to be investigated to ensure that good public servants are not being eroded by the system.
  • That the local government boundaries should be considered on a public mandate and not on a financial mandate.
  • Regional Involvement

    Elizabeth has worked and lived in many regional areas in the north and south of Western Australia and she gave birth to one of her sons in the mining town of Tom Price. She has many friends and relatives who still reside in the regional areas of the state. Her grandfather lived and worked in Kalgoorlie from 1897 and her mother was born in Collie in 1932 and one of her sons built a house in Cowaramup with his young family and works as a regional manager for a local company. Elizabeth has been appointed to many boards and committees, such as the RAC and ALGWA WA, who have had influence in both the metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia and this has required many trips to regional areas to carry out assessments and provide assistance Elizabeth has been a member of many regional community organizations, such as the Country Women’s Association, Apex and many local sporting clubs and other community groups. Over the past thirty years, Elizabeth has gained considerable … [Read More...]