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Elizabeth Re with Allen & Eileen Hopkins

Elizabeth Re with Allen & Eileen Hopkins, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

On a trip down to Scarborough Beach, Elizabeth Re was stopped by a local couple, Allen & Eileen Hopkins who wanted to know what was happening with the latest building developments at Scarborough Beach.

Allen & Eileen have been very happily married for over 53 years, walk every day down at Scarborough Beach and have lived for many years in the area.  They are concerned about the building developments and the high rise units that are planned for the area directly opposite the ampitheatre.

There is currently quite a bit of council work taking place in the area, with council responding to the request for better footpaths.  So new footpaths are being laid, which has caused quite a bit of disruption to the carparks.  Local residents appreciate the new footpaths but are a little frustrated by all the changes taking place.

“You’re not going to let them build more high rise and spoil our beach are you?” asked Eileen seriously.

“We’ve been happily married for over 53 years and love coming to Scarborough Beach,” commented Allen.

Assuring them both that she would do all in her power to ensure the voice of the people is represented, the couple seemed reassured to know there is someone on Council who listens to the hearts of the people.

Elizabeth Re is committed to being the voice of the people on the issue of property development in the Stirling region.