>On the Campaign Trail

Dear Supporters

As you are aware I have been involved in many community and sporting issues over the years and have been very active in getting accountability, consistency and good governance into the Council decision making, because I believe in making a difference.

In 2008 I was asked to assist a group of people with regard to raising the awareness of domestic violence ( through the WOW and Alana’s project ) and finally after two years of motions and reports to  Council, they have agreed to planting a tree and have also agreed to placing an awareness plaque in the ground in the Stirling Gardens ( north eastern end of the Stirling Memorial Gardens – adjacent to Telford Crescent, past the Stirling Train Station , see picture above).

I am very concerned that the family and traditional values of our Australian society are being lost and believe that most of the undesirable cultural change has been attributed to the increase in domestic violence which has a long lasting affect on our children. One of the sides of this is the bullying culture that has developed and if not addressed in the school develops into work place bullies and then eventually into home bullies and the circle of family domestic violence continues.

Family violence is observed through all cultures, whether you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, no boundaries are known for this dilemma that is apparent world wide and is encroaching on the lives of decent citizens and impacting on the lives of the next generation to come.

The federal government needs to support school community health nurses to pick up the signs of abuse and disabilities and our teachers need additional resources to address these issues to enable the children not to have their education compromised by external influences and finally, additional support is needed for the parents and the grandparents to enable them to stop the cycle and encourage strong Australian values.

There has been over the last two years on average 50 cases each week, of domestic violence reported to the police within the City of Stirling area. According to the ABS one in every three women are subjected to some form of domestic violence in their life time. This is also associated with drug abuse and in turn there is a direct correlation with neglect and abuse of children.  Access Economics found that during the period of 2002 and 2003, the estimated financial cost of family domestic violence in the Australian community was $8.1 Billion and the psychological cost for our future society is immeasurable!

Violence is increasing everywhere in our community and resources are needed now to be injected into the root of the issue and strategies need to be in place so that the general population can feel safe in our own homes and in the streets.

I am prepared to stand up for the grandparents and parents of today and our children of the future and I hope that you will support me and stand up with me, as I take on the challenge of running for the Federal seat of Stirling in the 2010 election on the 21 August.

I will be launching my campaign Thursday 29 July 5pm in Stirling gardens and I hope you will be able to join me as I push to make a difference and remember:

“If one Good person stands up, then Good people will follow, then Good things will happen !!!”, thanks, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Re JP

Written and authorized by Elizabeth Re, 23 Hakea road Woodlands 6018, 9446 7136,