>Supporting Small Business in Trigg

Elizabeth Re and Adam Zenick

Supporting Small Business

Small Business are always getting a raw deal and in her role as a Health Officer for the Western Australian government, Elizabeth has seen more than her fair share of the delays that can occur due to red tape.

Whilst shopping at Trigg, Elizabeth called past one of the restaurants at the Trigg Shopping Centre and had a quick chat with Adam Zenick.

“There’s too much red tape for small businesses,” said Adam.  “It’s hard enough finding good staff and making a living without the bureaucratic red tape. I like to give the young kids a go in my business, so fair go Council.”

Elizabeth reassured Adam that she is doing her best to support the small businesses in the City of Stirling.

Elizabeth Re & Adam Zenick

Elizabeth Re & Small Business Owner, Adam Zenick

“Lucky we’ve got you on Council, Liz,” said Adam.

Elizabeth supports small businesses as they are vital for our sustainable future and diverse lifestyle, as they suit local people, part timers, parents and give the youth of today not only work and monetary skills but also the understanding of being part of the business family and how to function in a business team work environment.

Elizabeth Re is aware of the struggle most small business owners have to stay in business and is willing to go the extra mile to support them.