>Stir over High Voltage Lines


By Chris Robinson, Stirling Times

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Cr Elizabeth Re with local residents Monique Wesley and her son Seth Allan, Brad Thompson and Mark Bliesner.

WOODLANDS residents have expressed their concern about a new development that could see high voltage powerlines moved to within metres of homes and a childcare centre.

The powerlines are set to run down the centre of a realigned stretch of Ewen Street, which will be moved farther south to make way for a new development site, pending final approval from the City of Stirling.

But homeowners, whose properties back onto the site, say they are worried about the impact of powerlines running so close to their back yards.

Hakea Road resident Monique Wesley said it would be a “great concern” if the planned work was to go ahead.

“I have a one-year-old and a two-year-old, and I don’t really like the idea of them playing underneath powerlines without knowing what the long-term effects might be,” she said.

Doubleview ward councillor Elizabeth Re said she had spoken to several residents who were concerned about the close proximity of the proposed lines. “They’ve put the concrete footings in place for the poles, and we’re trying to stop it before they go in,” she said.

Western Power spokeswoman Marisa Chapman said a minimum 16-metre easement had been utilised between powerlines and buildings, including the recently opened Cuddly Bear Childcare Centre.

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It’s disturbing that a lovely quite cul-de-sac should be encroached upon by such high voltage cabling. Unless the are was previously designated for such an installation (and it wasn’t), such devices should be kept well away from housing.

Doesn’t Cr Elizabeth Re live within meters of the proposed development?

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