>Re featured in ‘Women in Politics’ Book Release

Elizabeth Re says she was surprised and honored at being named an ambassador for the Year of Women in Local Government.

The honour saw her fly to Canberra to meet with the other delegates and attend the launch of the “Women in Leadership” publication, a book that features 12 women in politics, with a double page feature on Elizabeth’s contribution and her vision for women in leadership.

“If someone had said to me that I would have been in Canberra two weeks ago, having dinner at Parliament house withPrime Minster Rudd before his demise and that I was going to be one of the twelve women who were selected from all the women in Local, State and Federal parliament in Australia, to be written about in the book ” Women in Politics ” and that they would put the quote I gave them on the front cover, I would have to say that you were dreaming.  But the reality is, that’s exactly what has happened and I’m surprised and thrilled,” says Elizabeth.

“The main thing I would like to achieve is to encourage all the good people ( men and women ) to stand up and give women a chance  ( even just the opportunity to act in positions ) and when these good people come forward it will help stamp out the discrimination and bullying that is still so prevalent in the workplace today and is the main deterrent why women have not been utilized to their best potential,” continues Elizabeth.

Click to view the Women in Politics publication.