>Elizabeth Re – Independent Candidate for Churchlands

Elizabeth ReElizabeth Re today announced her candidacy for the State seat of Churchlands in the upcoming Western Australian State election. The seat of Churchlands is being vacated by Liz Constable, who has held the seat as an Independent for the past 18 years.

As an Independent candidate, Elizabeth intends to maintain Liz Constable’s legacy by being a strong and determined advocate for, and representative of the people of Churchlands, and a powerful voice within the Western Australian parliament.

Elizabeth’s main campaign policies are:-

  • Expanding school community health nurses programs and social workers to support children and families
  • Extending safer public transport services, particularly for seniors
  • Reduced parking fees at public hospitals for staff, patients and visitors
  • Creation of a magnificent “family friendly” ocean aquatic centre
  • Supporting Local Environmental Issues
  • Improving Road Safety
  • Push for all bus stops to have some form of protective cover / shelter from the wind, heat and rain

For further details refer https://elizabethre.com.au/electorate/vision-and-policies/

As a Councillor of the City of Stirling for the past eight years, Elizabeth has been a leader within her local community and having lived in this local community for most of her life and raised her children.  She has over 30 years’ service with local community organizations and understands the needs and services of the Churchlands community. She has a well-earned reputation as someone who gets things done and for being a tireless and relentless advocate for the people.

For further details refer https://elizabethre.com.au/category/local-community-history/

As an Independent, Elizabeth will work with both major political parties to deliver the best outcome for the people of Churchlands. Elizabeth is a highly experienced, qualified and committed community leader with an outstanding record of service to the people of the Churchlands electorate.

She is proud to stand as a candidate for the State seat of Churchlands and asks for your support on election day 9 March 2013.


Elizabeth would like to thank all her supporters and all the assistance she was given during her 2013 campaign and the wonderful support she received on the day.