>Footpaths in Stirling – A hard won fight spanning a decade and a half!

Elizabeth Re walking the dogs

Elizabeth Re walking her dogs

Footpaths in Stirling are one of the most valuable assets that a community can use to feel like they are safe and also allow an abundance of happiness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are walking your dog , taking your kids on bikes, pushing a pram, in a wheels chair, pushing a frame or having to use a walking stick, you want the peace of mind that you are not going to be injured during this process.

Elizabeth Re remembers when her oldest son was born and he was not a sleeper, so rather than wake the whole household, she used to walk him around Jackadder Lake, and there was no footpath, so it was difficult in the long grass and dangerous on the roads.  She wrote to the Stirling Council about establishing a footpath around the lake and was told NO!

Seven years later when her boys were learning to ride their bikes, Elizabeth went to a council meeting with a petition for a footpath to be established around the lake and was again advised, “No!”, as a footpath would bring too many people to the Park!

Fifteen years later when Elizabeth was elected into the Council of the City of Stirling, Elizabeth put forward at budget time for the construction of  a footpath round Jackadder Lake, and through her persistence and against strong opposition, the footpath was finally passed and the footpath is used regularly by young and old people, who now feel safe and happy.

Elizabeth also had initial opposition to footpaths along Cedric street and more recently around Dongara Reserve in Innaloo, all of which have now been completed, much to the exhilaration and happiness of the community.

Elizabeth Re sees that good footpaths are essential in assisting people to develop sustainable lifestyles (ie walking to the shop etc) and careful planning is required. Councils need to heed the voice of the people on these issues.