>Footpaths a Concern for Senior Residents in Innaloo

Barry, June and Elizabeth Re

Innaloo Residents, Barrie & June, with Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth Re was called upon by local residents in Innaloo to push the barrow for better footpaths in the area.

“Often presenting a real health risk to seniors, a fall can be life threatening to many and negatively affect the quality of life of our seniors, as they are more prone to breaking limbs,” says Elizabeth.

“I believe it is our responsibility as a Council to ensure the safest possible community for all of our residents.”

Greenwood Resident, June & Elizabeth Re

Innaloo Resident, June & Elizabeth Re discuss footpaths

“Liz has been a real help to us,” says Barrie Greenwood from Innaloo.

“It’s good to know we have someone thinking about seniors in Local Government,” says June Greenwood.

Elizabeth Re is concerned about the welfare of Seniors in the community and is aware of the needs of an ageing population.

>Serving the People as a JP

Elizabeth Re

Elizabeth Re signing documentation as a JP

In her capacity as a Justice of the Peace, Elizabeth Re is often called upon to sign legal documents, as was the case recently when she was out shopping and received a phone call asking if she could urgently sign some application forms.
Chris, an immigrant to Australia, approached Elizabeth to witness his Australian Citizenship application.

Chris is hoping to become an Australian Citizen on Australia Day, 2011.

Elizabeth dutifully checked his paperwork and signed his photos and application forms on the spot.

Elizabeth Re & Chris

Elizabeth Re signing application for Australian Citizenship

To her credit, Elizabeth takes her role as a Justice of the Peace very seriously and sees that it is a valuable community service that she is providing.  Her reward is the joy of helping people.  Elizabeth is always willing to help community groups and local citizens fill out forms and help sporting clubs complete funding applications.

>Families are Important

Solich Family and Elizabeth Re

Solich Family and Elizabeth Re at the local park in Dianella, Western Australia

Visiting one of the reserves in Dianella, Elizabeth was approached by Andrew Solich, a local father who was out with his children enjoying the play equipment at the local reserve.

“I’m just wondering if there is anything the Council can do about providing some shade at the playground,” asked Andrew.  “A lot of the local kids come down to this park to play but there really isn’t any shade over the play equipment which means that the equipment can be too hot to play on in summer and too wet in winter.  Just seems a shame that the kids can’t play here all year round and enjoy the equipment.”

Elizabeth explained to Mr Solich that it depends on where the equipment is located as to whether or not it would qualify for the shade sails to be added to the equipment.

Having raised two boys herself, Elizabeth appreciates that parents have a tough job on their hands, especially teaching children the value of public space, of community service and how to share public space harmoniously.

Andrew Solich and Elizabeth Re

Andrew Solich & Elizabeth Re discussing the need for shade cloths over play areas to protect children from sun cancers

Elizabeth also made an impression on 12 year old, Sarah Solich, as she discussed with her about waste management.

“We need to encourage our young people to be proactive in our communities,” says Elizabeth.  “Young people have a lot to give and just need us to guide them.”

>Supporting Small Business in Trigg

Elizabeth Re and Adam Zenick

Supporting Small Business

Small Business are always getting a raw deal and in her role as a Health Officer for the Western Australian government, Elizabeth has seen more than her fair share of the delays that can occur due to red tape.

Whilst shopping at Trigg, Elizabeth called past one of the restaurants at the Trigg Shopping Centre and had a quick chat with Adam Zenick.

“There’s too much red tape for small businesses,” said Adam.  “It’s hard enough finding good staff and making a living without the bureaucratic red tape. I like to give the young kids a go in my business, so fair go Council.”

Elizabeth reassured Adam that she is doing her best to support the small businesses in the City of Stirling.

Elizabeth Re & Adam Zenick

Elizabeth Re & Small Business Owner, Adam Zenick

“Lucky we’ve got you on Council, Liz,” said Adam.

Elizabeth supports small businesses as they are vital for our sustainable future and diverse lifestyle, as they suit local people, part timers, parents and give the youth of today not only work and monetary skills but also the understanding of being part of the business family and how to function in a business team work environment.

Elizabeth Re is aware of the struggle most small business owners have to stay in business and is willing to go the extra mile to support them.

>Out and about in Scarborough

Elizabeth Re with Allen & Eileen Hopkins

Elizabeth Re with Allen & Eileen Hopkins, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

On a trip down to Scarborough Beach, Elizabeth Re was stopped by a local couple, Allen & Eileen Hopkins who wanted to know what was happening with the latest building developments at Scarborough Beach.

Allen & Eileen have been very happily married for over 53 years, walk every day down at Scarborough Beach and have lived for many years in the area.  They are concerned about the building developments and the high rise units that are planned for the area directly opposite the ampitheatre.

There is currently quite a bit of council work taking place in the area, with council responding to the request for better footpaths.  So new footpaths are being laid, which has caused quite a bit of disruption to the carparks.  Local residents appreciate the new footpaths but are a little frustrated by all the changes taking place.

“You’re not going to let them build more high rise and spoil our beach are you?” asked Eileen seriously.

“We’ve been happily married for over 53 years and love coming to Scarborough Beach,” commented Allen.

Assuring them both that she would do all in her power to ensure the voice of the people is represented, the couple seemed reassured to know there is someone on Council who listens to the hearts of the people.

Elizabeth Re is committed to being the voice of the people on the issue of property development in the Stirling region.

>Footpaths in Stirling – A hard won fight spanning a decade and a half!

Elizabeth Re walking the dogs

Elizabeth Re walking her dogs

Footpaths in Stirling are one of the most valuable assets that a community can use to feel like they are safe and also allow an abundance of happiness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are walking your dog , taking your kids on bikes, pushing a pram, in a wheels chair, pushing a frame or having to use a walking stick, you want the peace of mind that you are not going to be injured during this process.

Elizabeth Re remembers when her oldest son was born and he was not a sleeper, so rather than wake the whole household, she used to walk him around Jackadder Lake, and there was no footpath, so it was difficult in the long grass and dangerous on the roads.  She wrote to the Stirling Council about establishing a footpath around the lake and was told NO!

Seven years later when her boys were learning to ride their bikes, Elizabeth went to a council meeting with a petition for a footpath to be established around the lake and was again advised, “No!”, as a footpath would bring too many people to the Park!

Fifteen years later when Elizabeth was elected into the Council of the City of Stirling, Elizabeth put forward at budget time for the construction of  a footpath round Jackadder Lake, and through her persistence and against strong opposition, the footpath was finally passed and the footpath is used regularly by young and old people, who now feel safe and happy.

Elizabeth also had initial opposition to footpaths along Cedric street and more recently around Dongara Reserve in Innaloo, all of which have now been completed, much to the exhilaration and happiness of the community.

Elizabeth Re sees that good footpaths are essential in assisting people to develop sustainable lifestyles (ie walking to the shop etc) and careful planning is required. Councils need to heed the voice of the people on these issues.

>Elizabeth shares her vision for young people

Elizabeth Re & Sarah Solich

Elizabeth Re is pictured with Sarah Solich from Dianella at the WOW Event in Forrest Chase, 2010

Elizabeth has a vision for our young people.  She recognises that they have a lot they can give to the community if we positively engage them.

Pictured here with Sarah Solich from Dianella, Elizabeth enjoyed working with Sarah at the WOW presentation in Forrest Chase.

Elizabeth met Sarah at the Princesses in Petticoats & Pearls event hosted by Women Can International Inc at The Lily of the Valley Cafe in Henley Brook in March 2010.  Since then, Sarah has been getting more involved in supporting community events and was at WOW helping Kath Mazzella OAM from GAIN Inc (Gynaecological Awareness Information Network) to spread Sexual and Gynae Health Awareness information in the community.

Elizabeth and Sarah both enjoyed the event and discussed the level of support for young people.

Elizabeth sees the cost of education as ever increasing and feels that the HECS Debt needs to be reduced, more services for students provided and the HECS CPI abolished.

Having raised two sons and seeing them both through University Degree programs, Elizabeth understands that education is important and very costly and would like to see our young professionals less burdened financially as they begin their careers.

Elizabeth Re has also served on the City of Stirling Youth Advisory Committee and has a vision for young people and a good understanding of the challenges they face.

>Princesses in Petticoats & Pearls

Elizabth Re and Kath Mazzella at Princesses, Petticoats & Pearls Event

Elizabth Re and Kath Mazzella at Princesses, Petticoats & Pearls Event

Elizabeth Re was invited as a special guest to the Princesses, Petticoats & Pearls event hosted by Women Can International Inc at the  Lily of the Valley Cafe, Henley Brook on 6th March 2010 in celebration of International Women’s Day.

On the day Elizabeth helped out in many ways.  She was the judge for the Fashion Parade, which included girls as young as 8 years through to the more senior women of over 70.

It was a fabulous fun day of frollicking with cups of tea and jam and scones on the lawn at the fabulous Lily of the Valley Cafe in Henley Brook in the Swan Valley.

Elizabeth also pulled the winning tickets out of a hat for the lucky door prizes and presented the awards for the best dressed and best model in the parade.

“It’s wonderful to see women from all the different generations getting together to celebrate International Women’s Day”, said Elizabeth.  “I can’t wait until next year and they’re expecting quite a bigger crowd now that the word is out what a great event it is.”

Hayley Solich, Chairperson and Founder of Women Can International Inc says, “Liz was fabulous.  Had I realised how accomplished she was I would have created a speaking slot for her but it was a bit of a last minute invitation and we felt very privileged that she would support our event.  She was so willing to jump in and help out with all aspects of the day.  The world needs more people like Liz who are just willing to serve in whatever capacity is required.  I really appreciated her flexibility and her lack of pretence.”

Elizabeth is committed to support community events and where possible does her best to put in an appearance to show the community her commitment to them.

More photos from the day…